1. i bought it yesterday ay Books a Million. You were not on any of the book sites that i use for new and upcoming books but i will be sure that they know about you. i am looking forward to reading it. can not wait for the next one.

    1. I read “Stay at Home Dead” yesterday….I couldn’t put it down! 4 stars you say? I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. I am so looking forward to the next Deuce! Thank you!

  2. I had to leave you a note, I loved your book. It made me laugh out loud alot.
    You remind me of a male Janet Evonivich, before she got very popular. Keep up the good work!

    Fellow Texan

  3. Got your book at the library! I am a retired teacher now stay at home Babysitter for my grandson. It is a great and funny read. Can’t wait for the next one! God job from Ohio!
    Paula W

  4. Laughed out loud – which I like to do; loved it. Looking forward to the next book. ‘Nother Fellow Texan

  5. Erma Bombeck is reincarnated as a male version of Kinsey Millhone, when househusband Deuce Winters “deduces” who put a dead body in his minivan. Check out my 5-Star review on Amazon.

  6. I judged a book by it’s cover and bought your book, an author I’ve never heard of. You’re now in my top 3 favorite authors. Seriously, quit reading this and write your next book already.

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