Month: February 2012

Well, This Is Totally Awkward

Having a pseudonym is already a bit confusing for me, so I don’t need anyone to further complicate the matter for me.

Amazon, apparently, wishes to further complicate the matter for me.

I went to check out the Stay At Home Dead page at Amazon a couple of days ago (NO!  NOT TO CHECK THE SALES RANK OR HOW MANY REVIEWS IT HAS!  THAT WOULD BE RIDICULOUS!  It was because…well, I don’t recall now, but I’m sure it wasn’t those things.  DON’T JUDGE!) and as I scrolled down the page this is what I found under the Author Bio:

JEFF ALLEN is a columnist for Dancing USA  magazine and the author of four books on social and ballroom dancing. He holds Membership credentials with the North American Dance Teachers Association, Inc., and the Pan American Teachers Association. After competing in national and international competitions and winning the Gold closed level at the North American Championships, Jeff turned professional in 1984. However, he considers his greatest accomplishments to be the more than 30 Top Teacher awards he has won and being listed among the top teachers in America by DVIDA as a Regional examiner and teacher trainer.

Yeah, that ain’t me.

Hopefully, this will all be rectified soon and no one will ever ask me to show them how to dance.  Because that wouldn’t be good for anyone.