Month: April 2012

Food On Friday

Hey, remember when I said I’d post a picture of food every Friday?


Good.  Because that was a long time ago and it makes me seem like a liar because I haven’t done it in forever.

Anyway, today is FOOD ON FRIDAY.  The day on which I tell you about food that both Deuce and I like and what I am craving at the moment and what I hope to eat this weekend.  Or something like that.

Today’s food:  A burrito.

Not just any burrito.  But a burrito from Freebird’s.  With steak.  And BBQ sauce.

Fortunately, there is one close by.  There is also one close to Deuce’s home in Rose Petal.

The burrito will look something like this:

So I’m going to eat that.  And then fall into a deep food coma.

Have a good weekend.

Popped Off

What are you doing September 4, 2012?

You’re buying, POPPED OFF, that’s what.

DISCLAIMER:   I wish I had an answer for why the bio isn’t fixed.  No one seems to be able to change it.  I will reiterate – I am not Jeff Allen the ballroom dancer nor is it a phony bio that I created for the pseudonym.  He is apparently a real person who also writes books about ballroom dancing.  I’d assume he isn’t real pleased about being attached to my books either, but no one seems to be able to do anything about it.  JEFFREY ALLEN is a pseudonym that I created specifically for the this series – all of my other books – serious mysteries and thrillers – can be found under my real name, JEFF SHELBY.  I apologize for any confusion.